August 27, 2003
First Birthday in Heaven

We remembered our sweet girl on her birthday in many ways. Mommy wrote several poems, and the whole family had a picnic at Abigail's playground on her birthday where we each released a balloon.

The kids wanted to decorate a birthday cake for Abigail. Then Nathan decided that we should put a candle on the cake and all take turns blowing it out, so we did.

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Your precious soul
With purest love
Darted across the veil;
On earth for a moment
Before skipping back to Jesus.

Watercolor skies
Blurred by tears
Fingers of sunshine
Reach down from heaven
Hugging me gently.

The scenes replayed:
A warm embrace
A tender kiss
Surrounded by love
In your brotherís arms

Snatches of laughter
Your quiet cry
Your soft, smooth cheek
Clinging to the memories
Until I hold you again.

Daddy with Balloon
Mommy with Balloon
Sarah with Balloon

Nathan with Balloon

My dearest Abigail, on your birthday

You are my hero.

What no one else could do in 40 years, you did.
You changed meÖforever.
What a huge task for such a small girl.
But you did it. I am so proud of you!
I am a different person: deeper, more loving, and sometimes even sensitive.
You taught me that.

I now live and feel.
I was so afraid of it before, but you showed me itís ok.
You took me by the hand and led me, step by step, to life.
I existed in a world of subdued colors, subdued emotions.
I didnít even know there was more; I didnít want more.
But you insisted. You turned my life into vivid color.
I now feel more deeply, both joy and sorrow.
Because of you I will know more happiness than I ever could have before.

The joy of knowing you is worth all the pain of losing you.
I never thought I would say that.
Iím sure you never thought I would, either.
I didnít learn quickly, but I learned, and I am still learning.
Thank you for being in my life, for being my daughter.
I love you with limitless, eternal love.
I donít deserve you, but I am so glad to call you mine
And to have you with meÖstill.

I love you.

Butterfly balloon soaring

The Final Dance

Eternal life, perfect love
Grace among the clouds
Dancing with Jesus,
A heavenly waltzÖ

Someday I will dance there, too

But today my dance is here
Clumsy and awkward
Painfully learning the steps
That you know so well

Dance, sweet one, dance
Laugh and sing
Savor the music
For you are ever dancing
In my heart

Copyright © 2003 Mindy Wilsford. All rights reserved.