August 27, 2004
Second Birthday in Heaven

We remember you Abigail, every day, but especially today. Today we laughed with joy as we watched your video and saw you make faces at mommy, wave at all of us, and of course, poop on Grandma during your bath. We spent time at your stone, caring for it and decorating it with 2 delicate pink roses, as delicate and beautiful as you are. We received cards and gifts from others remembering you - you are quite an important girl! And most of all, we celebrated your beautiful life as we do every day, by thanking God for you and by living our lives differently because we have loved you.

Happy birthday, sweet princess!

Abigail's headstone with flowers


Watching my children in awe
Marvelling at their innocence,
their love, their laughter.
Drinking in each moment for the miracle it is.

Their precious lives - given to my care,
Paralyze me with emotion,
Awash in gratefulness, love, joy.

The immensity of the gift of life
Lost on so many,
Overlooking the moments
that make up a lifetime.

Every moment a gift.
Every moment a lifetime.
Every moment a treasure.

Thank you, Abigail, for my awakening.

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