Abigail's Story

Grandma holding Abigail
Grandma Moore admiring Abigail
Our precious daughter Abigail's brief life has taught us so much. She will never be forgotten, and her legacy will live on forever in the ways our lives have been changed. We were blessed with 36 weeks with her living inside me, and then we also got 5 incredible days with her before she went back into Jesus' arms. Many people don't understand the pure joy that she gave us: how thrilled we were to finally meet her and get to hold her.

I don't feel that she lost her battle with Trisomy 18; instead I know she won. She has received the prize: eternity in heaven, and she has left an immeasureable impact on those who love her. We are so proud of her: her strength, her fight, her beauty. And so I would like to share our special daughter with you today.

How we explained Trisomy 18 to our friends.

The time before her birth, from the Trisomy 18 diagnosis through all the planning and preparation, is presented in Diagnosis & Preparation. It also includes how we told our other children and helped them to prepare for her birth and death. The incredible 5 days we got to spend with her is described in Abigail's Birth & Life.

We took hundreds of pictures and have included 2 pages of photos of our beautiful girl: Photos and More Photos. We shared her life and explained trisomy 18 to our friends in a letter we passed out at her memorial service: A Letter to our friends. And Steve shares his thoughts on Abigail's brief life in A Father's Perspective.

Read Steve's thoughts about Abigail's life in
A Father's Perspective.

But her story doesn't really end there. Her influence has gone on long after she left this earth. My journey through grief is an honest look at how Abigail's life and loss has affected me. I have shared it in my Path to Healing: writings about grief, which shows the downs and the surprising ups that go along with grief. To see where I am and how I am feeling most recently, read the last entry of the grief journal. And, in particular, you may want to read The fruit of the struggle which talks about the gift Job received from his struggle and the gift I have received. Yes, although this was very difficult, I do feel greatly blessed by God for going through this whole experience.

Relatives holding Abigail
Aunt Charmel and cousin Conner playing with Abigail
Of course, this whole website is really part of Abigail's story. So to see all the major parts of the site, just click on the "Tour the Site" button on the left side of each page to be taken through the major portions of the site. These links will take you through Abigail's story, photos, memorials for her (her celebration of life, her memorial playground, and her birthday), resources for: grief and bereavement, carrying to term, trisomy 18, and many other things. So please take the time to take the tour and see just how far Abigail's influence has extended.

Thank you so much for sharing our joy with us!
Steve, Mindy, Nathan, and Sarah Wilsford

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